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Most of you have probably seen the Need For Speed movie starring Aaron Paul, also known for Breaking Bad. Now, you can buy one of the cars featured in the movie. Not only is it featured in the movie, it is also a very limited car as there were only made 99 of them. The specific one for sale in Super Garage Marbella Spain, is a yellow one having driven only 1000km (621miles). Now, a limited car that has starred in a movie does not come cheap, and so, this car will set you back €1,500,000 (£1,150,000). For this though, you get a chassis that has been created by combining carbon fibres, titanium and kevlar, which has become a reference in the automobile sector thanks to its great rigidity and its lightness. The GTA Spano has its own V10 engine, which is longitudinally positioned at the rear with 820 HP and a torque of 960 nm, which will charge to 100kmh (62mph) in under 3 seconds. The Spano is also not as unpractical as you might think, as it has 2 boots; 1 100-litre front-boot and a 200-litre rear-boot.

GTA-Spano_2013_800x600_wallpaper_03 GTA-Spano_2013_800x600_wallpaper_17 GTA-Spano_2013_800x600_wallpaper_18

Photo credit: NetCarShow

You can check out the sales page for the GTA Spano right here: JamesEdition GTA Spano

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